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Igo Primo 2.4 Windows Ce 6.0 62 latraff




primo navigation PC The software version of this Windows product is. Igo Primo is a very small device. WINDOWS CE 6.0. Download Windows CE 6.0 Laptop or Portable, Igo Primo by Igo. About this product Igo Primo is a small, easy to use GPS navigation device that comes with an integrated navigation software, that allows you to turn maps into satellite images, get directions, find your position on the map, follow or record your route and stores maps with a lifetime of navigation. By connecting the Primo to a computer, you can store your maps or navigate to destinations in the Internet. The device is a portable navigation system with an integrated GPS receiver and a high resolution QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) touch screen with low-energy consumption, meaning that it can be used anywhere for navigation or as a hotspot for computer use. The screen is sufficiently bright and easy to read even under a bright sun. Its graphics are easy to read, the fonts are big and clear, the colours are bright and the text is easily readable. The touch screen is intuitive and responds quickly. You can navigate by turning the device clockwise or counterclockwise, up or down and enter addresses by double clicking the buttons, enter addresses manually or convert addresses into a text. Igo Primo contains a high quality navigation software, that helps you to navigate, follow routes or store maps. You can navigate using street names or coordinates, you can use map navigation or satellite images. You can find out your position on the map, find your position on the map, find the direction to your destination, or find your destination and navigate to it. The software is intuitive and easy to use, includes the possibility to store maps, edit maps or share maps with other users. You can store your routes and add new routes, edit routes, share routes or create new routes from your route to destination. You can store your route or share it with other users. You can add destinations, edit destinations, share destinations, convert addresses, and change the destination. You can store your destinations and share them with other users. You can use the device as a hotspot for computer use, you can use your device as a computer and access the Internet. The GPS receiver is accurate enough for good navigation even in urban and complex areas. It is stable, accurate and reliable. The maps cover most of Europe, the United States, Japan and Australia and are free of



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Igo Primo 2.4 Windows Ce 6.0 62 latraff

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